Wednesday, 29 October 2014

When sunsets touch the nature: nalan

Она приехала на съемку в кремовом кружевном платье на милом розовом скутере. Я была сражена)) 
Наверно, у меня не хватит слов, чтобы описать это состояние, когда ты поглощен созерцанием настоящей естественной красоты... Когда место гармонирует с личностью, когда всё идет гладко с начала и до конца, когда вы понимаете друг друга на языке фотографии...

She came to the photo-shoot in a creme lace dress riding the cutest pink scooter. I was smitten with her))) Words are not enough when you meet a real natural beauty. When right place suits the person. When everything goes smooth and well from the beginning to the end. When you understand each other with the language of photography. 



  1. Dear my Julişka, I am so much proud of you! I really not just love your blog,I L.O.V.E it so much...the design, the words and every small detail shows your personality and your perfection about your creativity. So much excited about following blogs and pictures, I am sure you let me be astonished again! Be sure I will be always behind you...kisses Selda

  2. My dear Selda! I read this comment so many times already... Thank you for your words, for your true support, for encouraging me, for inspiring me being myself... I feel like I know you all my life :)) Kisses dear


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